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Tradex provides services to businesses in the fields of document translation, layout and publishing. We put our technological expertise and language skills at our clients' disposal according to their specific lines of business.

Ideally located at Clermont-Ferrand in the centre of Europe, Tradex has been providing companies with top quality services since 1985, calling on advanced technology, highly qualified staff and ISO-type quality procedures - more than 1,000 SMEs and major international groups have already placed their trust in us!

Tradex is a leader in its line of business. Because we are at the cutting edge of progress, we comply with the following principle: it's better to have one person to liaise with rather than several partners proving difficult to manage. One partner with complementary talents is able not only to give you the keys to information, but also to improve your results.

Tradex is this partner.

Tradex has built up its business with one aim in view: to satisfy each and every one of its customers.