Tradex translates and does the layout for your documents in the languages you require. We place an international team of translators, editors and revisers at your service; they work in their mother tongue and in their specialist field. Consequently we can guarantee you get a quality end result, i.e. a document that accurately conveys the required message whatever the country and whatever the case.

Our teams are made up of professional translators and project leaders who have perfect command of the terminology, the philosophy, the technology and the brand names behind each of our clients.
In this way our clients are sure of benefiting from sound resources that are dedicated to their projects.

The job of the project leaders at Tradex is to define the work schedules specific to their language, then to manage the files, analyse the documents, coordinate the glossaries, check the quality of the documents and lastly, solve any problems of general nature.

Strengthened by these multidisciplinary skills, we decided to opt for complementarity by giving you the possibility of disseminating your information on every type of media and in every language; we can also file your documents electronically on our servers, enabling you to consult them on-line via a secure access.

Tradex is more than just a service provider - it's a real partner!